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Posted on January 4, 2010

5 minutes with Brusslesprouts

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Gorgeous Designs for your little sprout!

We wanted to find out more about Brusslesprouts, so we asked Victoria to spend 5 minutes with us and here is what she had to say about her fabulous business:


Tell us a little about how your business came to life.

It began after I had a premature baby in winter, I wanted to dress him in wool as its so warm and natural but I couldn’t find anything small enough or anything that wasn’t made from acrylic. I started knitting everything for him myself and got  a lot of positive comments whenever we were out. I wanted to earn some income while at  home and with the positive feedback I had received  I decided to list a few items on Etsy. It was while I was visiting my parents I saw that my mother had been sewing and that is where the idea started of us working together and so I started to sew again too. Now we  combine the two and that is how our summer range began by using my mothers ability to crochet and putting a modern take on it with fabric.


Can you remember your first sale? What was it? How did you feel?

My very first sale was a handknitted beanie I had listed on Etsy. I was so excited I ran out and bought a bottle of champagne, I felt very honoured knowing that someone liked my beanie enough to spend their money on it.


Is there an interesting anecdote behind your business name?

We wanted something that would be easy to remember, androgynous and synonymous with children. I had read a review on a restaurant called Aubergine and the name Brusselsprouts just popped into my head.


Where does most of your creating take place?  Show us … if you want.

At home in Kalgoorlie WA I have a spare room that I do all my sewing in and my mother does all the crochet in Noosa QLD so there are a lot of postbags being sent back and forth across the country.


What is your favourite item that you make? Show and tell!

I love making our little Cowpoke shorts, the fabric is so cheerful and I get lots of emails from parents saying how much their little cowboys love them. (attached photo)


What is your most favourite handcrafted item you have brought?

I bought my mother a gorgeous patchwork pin cushion from dearfii on MadeIt. It gets a workout that pin cushion!


What handcrafty thing couldnt you live without?

I have a handmade journal that I was given as a gift and I use it to sketch all my ideas, make notes, write down fabrics etc. It is so handy and full of all the scraps of paper I use to write on and was forever losing!


5 minutes with Brusslesprouts

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