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Posted on November 7, 2012

Aussie mums soothing the itch of eczema babies

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Two Aussie mums have delivered a bed time solution that brings comfort to itching little ones and peace of mind to their parents.

Eczema is rising rapidly in Australia with as many as one in four children developing the disease before the age of two. With the first signs of eczema surfacing between 2 and 6 months, new mums already challenged by night time sleeping have the added strain of baby being woken by a need to itch and scratch as well as the visible damage to delicate skin.

Kelly Northery founder of Bamboo Bubby BagTM and Felicity ODonohue founder of the Karma Soap Company discovered that their two products, paired make a wonderful bedtime routine, Felicity says œFor a peaceful eczema relieved sleep we recommend bathing baby in a cool bath using The Karma Soap Company Plain Goats Milk Soap, follow with a gentle massage using Goats Milk Moisturiser, a story in a dimly lit room and then popped in a Bamboo Bubby Bag and into bed.

The Bamboo Bubby BagTM assists eczema suffering babies in two ways: firstly the all natural bamboo-cotton fabric doesnt irritate the skin, is breathable and adapts to climate changes, and secondly the unique Adjust-a-Sleeve„¢ design covers the hands, preventing harsh scratching and with the sleeves designed to grow it is suitable for toddlers too.

Founder Kelly recounts œDistraught and sleep-deprived, being kept awake night after night from incessant scratching and skin damage, I designed the first Bamboo Bubby sleeping bag and it gave our whole family peace of mind and a good night sleep! And her customers couldnt agree more œThe first time ever my baby has woken without red eczema cheeks was the first time I used the Bamboo Bubby Bag says Natalie, and Katie œThe sleeping bag has been great. My daughter suffers quite badly with eczema and sleep times have always been a challenge. The adjustable arms are great and the fabric is lovely. She has looked much better in only 1 week of use.


After reading that goats milk is a natural soother for eczema plagued skin, Kelly came across The Karma Soap Company launched by Felicity who produces a range of handmade soaps that are free from additives and packed full of goats milk, sourced so fresh that she even gets to pat the goats it comes from.

œMy research into Eczema suggested that goats milk soap and moisturisers could reduce swelling and itchiness in the skin, this inspired me to make soaps that were all natural with a base of goats milk, when I used them on my sons skin the results were wonderful. Says Felicity and her customers have had the same great results; Anna wrote “I noticed using the goats milk soap helped a lot with my son’s eczema. My mum also loves the goats milk soap as she suffers from terribly dry, flaky skin all year round”.


The Bamboo Bubby BagTM RRP $69.95, is available for purchase online and from a range of stockists full details at


Aussie mums soothing the itch of eczema babies

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