Posted on July 21, 2013

Bouncing back after Bullying

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Megan talks about turning the negative into positive after an encounter with a bully..


Recently, I encountered a bully “ someone I did not even know who decided they knew me. I came to that conclusion as the judgement, the words and the thoughts they conveyed were incredibly presumptuous. It seems with the advent of social media and the large amount of sharing that happens, people can forget their manners and their boundaries. The fact is that sometimes, some things are just private and you should to be respected for that. Unfortunately, the importance of remembering to apply common courtesy is quickly going out the window and your entire character can be in tatters before a few loose, careless tongues, or should I say fingers are done!


So before this becomes another post on how to deal with, cope with or recognize when someone has over stepped the mark, I am going to write about positivity. Why? Because it is the only way to bounce back after you have been bullied. Remember, bullies dont have to be obviously ˜nasty or use offensive words. Anyone who blatantly disrespects you, tries to black mail you or is threatening when they dont get their own way is a bully. Thoughts will probably run through your brain such as What will everyone think of me? Will they believe what the other person is saying? What if this adversely affects my business or personal reputation?


This negativity can only be fought with positivity “ by encircling yourself with positive friends, thoughts and behaviour. You cannot change someone elses behaviour but you can use their negative influence to rebuild your strength. Think about it, when is a more opportune time to remind yourself of who you are and what your beliefs, goals and strengths are than now?


Fight those negative remarks that keep popping up in your head with positive arguments and the truth. You DO have a right to your opinion, your life, your choices and your decisions. More often than not, the people that try to bring you down in cyber space not only do not know you from a bar of soap, they have a whole lot of issues themselves. The important thing is to not let their issues become your issues. Remember, standing up for yourself takes courage. If it was easy, everyone would do it. No one has control over you or rights to you. Be confident in who you are “ let yourself be you and the other person be themselves. How they choose to spend their life is up to them “ if it is a negative pit then leave them to it.


So hop to it! Make your plans, continue with your dreams and let the doomsayers, the discouragers, the tyre kickers and the goal post shifters be¦because triumphing over adversity with success gives you the last laugh!


Here is a collage of wonderful positive notions and wise words “ print them out, take them to your notice board, in your diary or share them on Facebook. Positivity cancels out negativity..its potent stuff!

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*Note: Should you be threatened or slandered, please seek professional advice. There are rules and laws that protect you, so you need to know your rights.

Guest Post by the lovely Megan from Robintail.

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