Posted on July 23, 2013

Collaborate for a Cause Charity Auction

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Kicking off this Friday 26th July at 8pm 2013 (QLD time) is the annual Collaborate for a Cause Charity Auction.


This year’s event sees almost 600 Handmade businesses working together to raise funds for over 135 charities. To date, Collaborate for a Cause has raised $58,000 for charity and the hope is that this years event will raise $42,000 which would see this combined total top $100,000!


By the time the auction kicks off, theres likely to be close to 280 auction lots available for people to bid on. Each lot has been worked on by a team of two or more handmade businesses and they have come up with an astounding array of quality handmade items ranging from items for bubs, little girls & boys, teen girls & boys, right up to items for mum!


The auction will take place via the Collaborate for a Cause Facebook page with those wishing to bid on a particular lot, commenting under the corresponding photo with the amount they wish to bid. Full details of how the auction will be run can be found at the start of the album here.


The auction will finish on Sunday night 28th July at 8pm (QLD time).


Some of the amazing handmade entries

For further details please contact:

 Jen Kennedy

(Ainslee Fox Handmade)

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