Posted on July 22, 2013

Decorating your Nursery walls

Guest Post


Decorating a childs room can be fun or fraught, depending on how confident you are at initiating your interior decorating ideas. But creating your first nursery should be a simple process that allows for decorative growth as your child develops her own ideas.

When you first place your furniture into the freshly painted room, it can seem a little bland, so adding an array of prints on the dominant wall can add a pop of life. IKEA have a terrific range of frames that are easy to use, and an arrangement of different size frames can add a textural quality to the wall. Frames can even be handmade, and if done well, look fabulously festive.

As your child grows older, the furniture and décor need to keep pace, so shopping carefully “ and considering second hand purchases – can net you some interesting pieces. Adding a new selection of pictures to the frames, such as paper cut prints, photos, and beautiful online prints, makes re-decorating a very affordable option.


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