DIY-Jolly-Little Santa Craft
Posted on December 19, 2013

DIY: Jolly Little Santa

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DIY: Jolly Little Santa

Time to get creative! Thanks to PeekyMe we have a great Christmas craft activity for the kids. Let’s make a jolly little santa.

DIY-Jolly-Little Santa Craft


What you will need:

  • Craft roll
  • Paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Pom poms (1 white for santa’s nose & 1 black for santa’s belt)
  • Glue
  • Black cardboard
  • Paint – Red, black and white
  • Wobbly eyes
  • Double sided tape (for santa’s hat)
  • Scissors


How to create your Jolly Little Santa:

1. Paint the craft roll red, leaving the outline of Santa’s face unpainted (see picture).

2. Blend a little bit of red paint with the white to paint Santa’s face. Allow to dry.

3. If you don’t have red paper for Santa’s hat then paint a piece of white paper approximately 15cm x 15cm. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure with double sided tape. Before you cut the base of the hat, be sure to measure it on top of the craft roll to make sure it fits on top. Place glue around the top edge of the craft roll to secure the hat and glue a cotton ball to the tip of the hat.

4. Stretch a cotton ball into a long piece and glue it to the bottom of Santa’s hat.

5. Place glue on both wobbly eyes and the white pom pom and attach to Santa’s face.

6. Stretch some cotton balls to place around Santa’s face to make his beard and attach it with glue.

7. Cut a thin strip of black cardboard and glue it to Santa’s body. Glue the black pom pom to the front to make a belt.

8. Using thin strips of paper for the legs and arms, paint red stripes across the legs and paint the arms solid red. Allow to dry and then accordion fold both the arms and legs.

9. Glue the arms to the side of Santa’s body and the legs inside the craft roll.


DIY-Jolly-Santa Kids Craft
DIY-Jolly-Santa Kids Craft
DIY-Jolly-Santa Kids Craft


PeekyMe, owned and operated by a creative Australian Mum who knows the importance of spending fun and quality time with her kids; came up with PeekyMe craft boxes as a way to engage families in play activities together whilst saving them the time and resources having to pull all the supplies together themselves.

PeekyMe boxes are designed for all occasions for boys & girls between the ages of 3-7. Boxes can be purchased as a gift, in party packs for themed birthdays (like pirates, princesses and superhero’s) or subscribing annually and receiving a box delivered to your door each month.



DIY: Jolly Little Santa- Handmade Craft Tutorial featured here on Handmade Kids thanks to PeekyMe.


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