DIY Kids Style Craft Kits
Posted on April 17, 2012

DIY Craft Kits

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How many times have you seen something and thought I could make that, I’d love to try?

With the DIY market becoming huge business, you will find a DIY kit to buy for almost anything especially among childrens products.

Here are a few tips for making sure your DIY project doesn’t turn into a DWTH (that’s a disaster waiting to happen!).

  • What additional materials or items are needed to complete your project? Do you already have them on hand? Do you need to buy more? Are they readily available?
  • What skill level is required? Are there techniques needed that you are unsure how to do?
  • Is it really going to be any cheaper or are you just doing it for the satisfaction of completing it yourself?
  • Can you receive additional support from the supplier if you need help or you’re stuck on a step?
  • Check that its in your language;  because it is so easy to access products from all over the world that you don’t want to buy a DIY project to find that the instructions are written in Spanish when your first language is English.

Owl softie kit  – Blossom & Cat
Cloud Cushion –  Harvest Textiles
Ruffled Bloomers  & Vintage Bunting kits – The Haby Goddess

DIY Craft Kits – DIY Kids Style


This guest post was written by Jodie Maloni of

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