Posted on December 8, 2013

DIY: Paper Christmas Wreath

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Time to get creative! Thanks to PeekyMe we have a beautiful Paper styled Christmas Wreath to share with you this festive season.

Using tissue paper to make fluffy paper flowers, paper stars and sparkling bells this is the perfect handmade decoration for Christmas.


Supplies you need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Metal hoop (or embroidery hoop)
  • Old book, patterned paper or music sheets
  • Star cutout (we used a cookie cutter)
  • Blade
  • Bells
  • Needle & Thread

 How to create your wreath:

1. You’ll need to make enough tissue paper flowers to cover your hoop. For each flower, cut 4 sheets of tissue paper approximately 25cm x 12cm (obviously you can adjust this according to the flower size you want). Stack the tissue paper on top of each other. Fold the paper using an accordion fold. Tie a piece of twine (we used approximately 20cm pieces) around the centre of the folded paper to secure. Make sure that the twine sits in the centre of the folded paper. Trim the ends of the tissue paper in a rounded shape. Very gently separate each piece of tissue paper from each other and pull out slightly to form the flower petals. Once all the tissue paper is separated you’ve completed your first flower!


2. To hide the hoop, we wrapped twine the whole way around. It took a little while but it’s kind of therapeutic! Tie the ends to secure the twine once it’s covered.


3. Tie each of the tissue paper flowers to the hoop, trying to spread them out evenly.


4. Next is the paper stars. We used an old book, but you could use coloured or patterned paper, music sheets or anything you like. It was really easy to cut out a bulk supply of stars using a cookie cutter and blade.


5. Feed a piece of thread through the tip of a star using a needle, and tie it to the wreath using a secure knot. Repeat for each of the stars until they evenly cover the wreath.


6. We added bells to the wreath, but you could use ribbons, tinsel, beads or anything similar. We cut the bells into equal lengths and simply tied it to the bottom to add some sparkle and sound!


7. Hang your  wreath on a door, wall or tree to add a little festive spirit to any room!

Step-1---DIY-Paper-Christmas Wreath
Step-2---DIY-Paper-Christmas Wreath
Step-3---DIY-Paper-Christmas Wreath
Step-4---DIY-Paper-Christmas Wreath
Step-5---DIY-Paper-Christmas Wreath


PeekyMe, owned and operated by a creative Australian Mum who knows the importance of spending fun and quality time with her kids; came up with PeekyMe craft boxes as a way to engage families in play activities together whilst saving them the time and resources having to pull all the supplies together themselves.

PeekyMe boxes  are designed for all occasions for boys & girls between the ages of  3-7.  Boxes can be purchased as a gift,  in party packs for themed birthdays (like pirates, princesses and superheros) or subscribing annually and receiving a box delivered to your door each month.


DIY: Paper Christmas Wreath- Handmade Craft Tutorial featured here on Handmade Kids thanks to PeekyMe.


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