Posted on July 11, 2016

Etsy Awards 2016 – BankyMoon Plantstands

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Etsy Awards 2016 – BankyMoon Plantstands

Did you follow the Etsy Awards this year? Did you get to see the amazing entrants, winners and their beautiful products?

Well today we are very lucky to introduce to you the winning business of the ‘The New Talent’ Category – meet BankyMoon.


1-What an amazing business you have! We’d love to hear how it all started.

Thank you! BankyMoon began with Andy whipping up a couple of plant racks for my balcony garden when I couldn’t find anything just right on the market to suit what I needed in terms of style and function. He works in the film industry now but he is also a qualified metal fabricator, so BankyMoon represents a kind of home coming for him, whilst for me it’s an extension of my creative practice into the realm of functionality. We love the process of creating something desirable and useful, and to do it well so that it can be enjoyed for a long time.


2- Is there an interesting anecdote or story behind your business name?

I have to say we have total respect and admiration for the Secretary General of the United Nations! But the name also brings a smile to our faces when we think of an eccentric neighbour, nicknamed after Ban Ki-moon, who had world-leadership aspirations. It also seemed to stick when we were trying to think of what to call our business. To us BankyMoon suggests playfulness and expansiveness which are elements that we incorporate into our designs.



3- What do you love most about your creative business?

We love that our business brings our family closer together. Andy and I enjoy working together on different aspects of BankyMoon of course, and when Andy is in Wodonga (where he produces the BankyMoon designs) he works side by side with his Dad in his workshop which is pretty special.

BankyMoon Plantstands hard at work


4- Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?

We find inspiration in all sorts of places, like things we see on our travels and in art galleries. We are also inspired by the actual process of making. Andy has come up with some lovely designs whilst in the workshop playing around with pieces of metal.

BankyMoon Plantstands hard at work


5- We love your AC Covers- what a clever idea! Can you tell us about this creation?

Air conditioner units are ugly, and they also take up quite a bit of space on apartment balconies. Our idea is to turn the eyesore into a fun, functional space that contributes towards creating an urban oasis. Our AC covers are stylish screens that hide the AC unit without compromising air flow, and they also provide space above the unit for plants. We custom-make each cover to suit the size and location of the individual unit, so clients can choose their own colours and work with us on a design to suit them.

Air conditioner outdoor unit


6- Are there any more exciting designs on the horizon (we can keep a secret)?

Yes we are working on a couple of rack/shelf prototypes that we hope to launch by the end of the year, at the Big Design Market in Melbourne. We are excited about them, but can’t tell you much more than that – keep an eye out for something colourful and bold!

Plant stands by BankyMoon

“Winning an Etsy award is a great honour and a powerful form of encouragement for our young business. It inspires us to keep trying out new ideas.

Etsy’s encouragement has already impacted our business greatly [and] winning this award is sure to bring new opportunities and contacts. Hopefully a few collaborative works with other Etsy makers will be on the BankyMoon calendar soon!


New Talent category winner

BankyMoon Plantstands 

Noël Skrzypczak and Andy Newton

Melbourne, Victoria

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