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Posted on October 5, 2009

Featured Store : Bubba Bling

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 My job at Handmade Kids is not a difficult one – I get to look at lovely products and tell you about it. Easy … or so I thought.

Handmade Kids CEO told me to do a feature on Bubba Bling.  “No probs” I said. ” Just another looky at a website, drool a bit, maybe shop a little and write about it – what could be so hard?”  I said.  How wrong I was!

I challenge any of you to look at Bubba Bling’s website and not be gobsmacked!  It is loaded with gorgeous soft furnishings, kiddy bedroom decorations and lots of other bling for the ankle biters in our lives … and they are all HEAVENLY!

I was going through the site and saving photos to share with you, when I realised that I had over 20 products that I wanted to show!   I also apologise to my friends who I may have over-emailed with links from BB exclaiming things like “Wow! Check this out!”.

So here, check this out!

1.  Have you seen those Tortellini Shell cushions before?  They are perfect for breastfeeding, as well as for helping Bubba to sit up. Wish I had seen them 9 months ago!

2. Wall art abounds!  I love this fairy – she’ll brighten any wee girl’s room!  But what is even more fabulous is that there is a fairy with hair colour (and even style!) so match your little fairy!

3.  Oink Oink! This piggy softie is just one example of the gorgeous handmade toys in BB’s range.

4. There is a vast array of gorgeous handmade cots and bedroom quilts – I love this nautica one!

Now that I’ve gushed and oohed and aahed, go and check out Bubba Bling for yourself – you wont regret it!

Bubba Bling

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