saiba tooth cub
Posted on August 3, 2011

Featured Store: SaibaTooth Cub

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What is a SaibaTooth Cub?

Saber Tooth cub: definition- Scientific name Smilodon. Extinct baby cat from the family of Saber Toothed cats.
SaibaTooth Cub: definition- Handmade childrens clothes made with love.

SaibaTooth Cub features handmade children’s clothes for little boys and girls tailor made in Australia with exceptional finishing touches and a focus on quality.

Saiba, owner, designer and sewer of SaibaTooth Cub has done just that, focus on quality. Saiba’s designs are stylish and affordable and your children would certainly be one of the best dressed kids around. Styles include summer dresses, warm winter coats, tunics and stunning pants, comfortable clothing your children will want to wear.

To view the full range head to SaibaTooth Cub store and to keep up to date with new design releases head to their Facebook page and become a fan today.


Featured Store: SaibaTooth Cub

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