Some Flowers can be poisonous to cats
Posted on March 23, 2016

Flowers that are poisonous to cats

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Flowers can add colour, and a sense of freshness, to your home. They just make everything seem a little brighter and are virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your face. As a means of decorating your home flowers are a good choice because by nature they are only temporary; as one flower arrangement dies you can replace it with another. This means that the decoration is constantly changing, giving you something new and beautiful to look at.

It’s so easy to buy flowers too; you can just check out specialists like these guys online. They have a wide range of flowers for you to choose from. In this article we are going to look at choosing flowers if you have a cat in your home. You may not realise it, but there are certain flowers that are poisonous to cats. Obviously, it’s important to know which flowers this applies to if you are a cat owner.

The danger of lilies

The plant that is probably the most dangerous to cats is the lily. There are several types of lilies that can be deadly to felines; Easter lily, tiger lily, rubrum and several species of day lily. This is not something you can take lightly if you are a cat owner as poisoning from these lilies can cause kidney failure in cats if it is not treated quickly.

One of the first signs that your cat may have a problem with poisoning from a lily is if it starts to vomit; this normally happens within just a few hours of a cat eating any part of the relevant lilies. The cat may also be more lethargic then usual and suffer with a lack of appetite. If the signs are not spotted, and the cat is not treated, then it will usually develop kidney failure within a period of between thirty-six and seventy-two hours.

It’s important to note that each part of a lily is poisonous to a cat and that the cat does not have to eat a very large amount in order for it to become ill. This is why it’s a good idea for cat owners to avoid having flowers or plants from the Liliaceae and Hemerocallis families in their home.

Other flowers that are poisonous to cats

Lilies are not the only flowers that can be dangerous for the cat in your life. There are a whole host of flowers that pose a threat to the health of your pet, including foxglove and Rhododendron. You may be tempted to have these flowers in your home and just try to keep them out of the reach of your cat; but is it really worth the risk? There are so many varieties to choose from when you are shopping for flowers that you are sure to be able to find one that you like and that is not going to make your cat ill. That way your home can be brightened by flowers and your companion can remain in good health.

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