Pop the Pig review
Posted on November 26, 2017

Game review: POP the PIG

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With Christmas just around the corner now is the perfect time to introduce you to POP the PIG! We had so much fun taking this game for a test-drive!

Game review Pop the Pig

Pop the Pig is a game for 2 – 6 players and recommended for ages 4+plus – so perfect for the whole family to play.

Pop the Pig review

Roll the dice to see what colour hamburger you need to feed your PIG. Check the number on the hamburger to see how many times you get to press down on his head. Watch his tummy expand! The game keeps going until your pig’s belly grows and grows and pops open! Who will be the winner?

hello piggie

Lets feed our pig

lets pop our pig

Pop the Pigs tummy

The game ends when the pig has eaten so much that his belt bursts open and his arms fly up. POP! The player who’s turn it was that caused the pig to POP is the winner.

open up the back to release the burgers

Its super easy to start the game over again- just lift the latch on his back and remove the hamburgers. Clip his waistcoat back together, push down his arms and you are ready to play!

What we LOVED:

  • the anticipation of ‘when’ is the pig going to pop!
  • there are no need for batteries (parents LOVE games with no batteries)
  • the rules aren’t complicated
  • the whole family can play
  • and once you have finished playing you can store the dice and hamburgers back inside the pig until next time

Pop the Pig Game review

Want to see the PIG in action? Pop over to the Talkin Toys website and check out their video review – HERE


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