Five Winter handmade Essentials
Posted on June 9, 2016

Five Winter Essentials

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Five Winter Essentials

With winter tapping on our door here in Australia, its had me thinking about what you would consider your handmade winter must-haves??

Here are 5 of mine – all handmade of course!

Five Handmade Winter Essentials


1-  A beautiful crocheted throw rug – by Hook and Knot Design

2- A soft hand-knitted loop scarf – by Red Essy Design

3-  Large Monochrome cross Heat/Cold  Pack – by Jazminbell

4- A very cool handmade ceramic stoneware mug – by Connie Lichti

5- Gorgeous reversible Winter Poncho Cape – by KarlaCola


What are your winter essentials? Throw in a good book and a comfy lounge and this all sounds like the perfect way to snuggle and keep warm on a cold winter’s day!


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