Jazminbell Heat Cold Packs for all occasions
Posted on August 19, 2016

Hot or Cold – a pack for all occasions

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Modern & stylish cold/heat packs from Jazminbell

My two favourite things about winter – digging out my huge scarf collection and snuggling up with a heat pack! All cosy on the lounge with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea.. Oh yes, that’s where I want to be right now.

Hmmm, unless it’s a hot summers day where you are reading this and you are thinking that the pack should really be COLD!

How great would it be if a pack can do both – and that’s exactly what the Jazminbell pack range do- they function as both heat and cold packs. How great is that – you can use them all year round.

Heat and Cold Pack range

These are just some of the pack designs available – there are over 8 different sized/ shaped packs available. ( I love that watermelon design, don’t you?)

All Jazminbell packs are hand-crafted in Canberra using 100% cotton fabrics and Australian grown rice.What we love most is that the packs are sewn into sections so the filling stays evenly spread out and sits comfortably without slipping.

Jazminbell Heat Cold Packs

Jazminbell Heat Cold Packs

Jazminbell Heat Cold Packs

Jazminbell Heat Cold Packs 3

Jazminbell Heat Cold Packs

Jazminbell® is Australia’s first exclusive range of modern + stylish cold/heat packs. They can be used either hot (heated in the microwave) or cold (stored in the freezer) depending on the desire for use. Cold/heat packs are the perfect combination of relaxation and comfort, and are well-known for their therapeutic nature.

You can read more about Jasmin and Jazminbell here. Don’t know about you, but I love to read and discover a little about the face behind the brand – and the ‘About’ page on a website is always one of my first places to visit.


 Hot or Cold – a pack for all occasions

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