Posted on January 28, 2014

Is colour important?

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There is a lot of discussion about the importance of colour when decorating a house, but can it actually affect our moods? There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that colour can result in many negative and positive impacts in our lives at many levels.


Even though the emotions evoked by different colours are subjective, the red spectrum is known to be warm, but can induce anger. This spectrum also includes orange and yellow, the colours of sunsets and happiness. Blues, purples and greens are included in the blue spectrum and can often evoke feelings of calm, but can also cause sadness and indifference. And we all have differing opinions on the colours that make us feel good and the colours that we find unsettling, but it probably isnt something we spend too much time contemplating!


Colour therapy is an accepted “ albeit highly alternative – treatment for stress and illness in many cultures. Colour therapists state that red stimulates the body and mind and is good for circulation, that yellow stimulates nerves and purifies the body, orange heals the lungs and increases energy, blue treats pains and illness and indigo alleviates skin problems. If only it were that easy.


But as more research is conducted into the effect of colour on many areas of human reaction and interaction, colour has been implicated in reducing exam results (red) and reducing levels of crime (blue). Perhaps the colours we dress our children in will affect their moods too? Its worth taking notice of the colours our children are wearing when they become upset. You just never know!



The Colour Yellow – at Handmade Emporium


The Colour Yellow – at Handmade Emporium




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