Make your own- Pom-Pom-Easter-Chick
Posted on April 10, 2014

Make your own ~ Pom Pom Easter Chick

Craft/ DIY/ Kids Craft/ Tutorial

Make your own- Pom-Pom-Easter-Chick


Another wonderful crafty DIY tutorial by PeekyMe

Lets make a Pom Pom Easter Chick!


Craft supplies you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Wool
  • Plastic needle (if you don’t have one then just feed the wool through the hole using your fingers)
  • Coloured markers, textas, crayons or even washi tape to colour and make the feet and beak
  • Scissors
  • String

How to make your Chick:

1. Draw the outline of the chicken twice, as you need 2 chickens for the pom pom to form correctly.

2. Cut out the chickens and use a blade or scissors to carefully cut a small hole in the middle.

Step 1- Cut our your Chick

3. Thread the wool through the plastic needle. You will need a few metres of wool, so it’s best not to cut it until you’ve finished.

Step 3- Make a Pom Pom Chick
4. Loop the wool through the hole and around the outside of the chicken multiple times until it’s approximately 2-3 layers thick.
Step 4 - Make a Pom Pom Chick
5. Cut around the wool using the gap between the cardboard as a guide.
6. Once you’ve finished, place the piece of string around the chicken but in between each cardboard piece. Pull the string tight and tie a knot.
Step 5- make a Pom Pom Easter Chick
7.  Fluff out the wool and trim any long ends.
8. Colour in the feet, beak and give the chick some eyes.

All-finished- you have made your own Pom Pom Chick

You might like to make a few chicks to hang on a mobile or a garland for Easter. You could even try doing it with a bunny rabbit outline too!


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