Make-your-own-Chirpy-Easter Chicken
Posted on March 17, 2014

Make your own ~ Chirpy Easter Chickens

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Make-your-own-Chirpy-Easter Chicken

Another wonderful crafty DIY tutorial by PeekyMe

Let’s make a Chirpy Easter Chicken!


Craft supplies you need:

Styrofoam egg

Cardboard – red and orange

Paint (whichever colour you would like your little chicks to be)

Paintbrush or a small piece of sponge

Patterned paper for the wings (if you don’t have any, then just colour your own and add some polka dots)

Craft glue

Yellow rope (wool or string would work just fine)

Yellow felt

Black marker



Cotton bud

Sharp knife (only to be used by an adult)

Sticky tape


How to make your chicken:

1. Using a sharp knife, slice a small piece off the bottom of the egg so that it can sit without rolling over.

2. Push a toothpick into the base to make it easier to hold and paint.

DIY Easter-Chicken-steps-1-3

3. We found the sponge was a very easy way to paint the egg without getting streaky lines. Dip the sponge into the paint and cover the egg, you may decide to do 2 coats. Allow the paint to dry completely.

4. Whilst the paint is drying, cut out all the cardboard, felt and paper shapes you need (see image).

DIY Easter-Chicken-Step-4

5. Use the toothpick to make 2 small holes in the base of the egg, squeeze some glue into the holes and then push the rope into the holes using the tootpick to help.

DIY Easter-Chicken-Step-5

6. Use a punch or scissors to make a small hole in both of the felt feet. Thread the rope through each hole and secure on the back with some tape.

DIY Easter-Chicken--Step-6

7. Using glue, attach the wings, beak, bow tie and comb (the red part on top of the head) For the comb, make a small slice in the egg and insert the base of the comb with some glue so that it stays in place.

DIY Easter-Chicken-Step-7

8. Use a black marker to draw on the eyes.

9. If you want to add some polkadots it’s easiest to apply them with a cotton bud to get even spots.

DIY Easter-Chicken-Step-8


Your cute little chick is now complete and all you need to do now is work out where to perch it!

PeekyMe, owned and operated by a creative Australian Mum who knows the importance of spending fun and quality time with her kids; came up with PeekyMe craft boxes as a way to engage families in play activities together whilst saving them the time and resources having to pull all the supplies together themselves.

PeekyMe boxes  are designed for all occasions for boys & girls between the ages of  3-7.  Boxes can be purchased as a gift,  in party packs for themed birthdays (like pirates, princesses and superheros) or subscribing annually and receiving a box delivered to your door each month.



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