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Posted on June 28, 2015

Meet the Maker – Cecil and Beryl

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Meet the Maker at Handmade Kids

Tell us a little about you and your business.

Hi I’m Jill, the creative behind Cecil & Beryl. Im Mamma to five beautiful kids, a wife and a seamstress. I’m also a self confessed DIY addict always with more than one project on at any given time, and I love a good cup of organic coffee.

Cecil & Beryl is my handmade boutique, where you will find eco and organic childrens clothes with style. I source designer organic fabrics and eco fabrics to create gorgeous clothing for your kids, often with a nod to vintage eras.

Right now I have my new collection ˜Hidden Meadow’ on my website  which caters for both boys and girls, focusing on Winter garments, but with many being transitional pieces to be worn throughout the seasons.


What do you love about your creative business?

What I love about my creative business is that I get the privilege of doing what makes my heart sing; and thats sew. I also love that it means I can be flexible in my hours. As you can imagine life with five kids is pretty busy, so fitting in my sewing around playdates and after school activities is important.

Meet the Maker Cecil and Beryl

What is your favourite thing to create?

My favourite thing to create, thats a hard question. I love being creative in many different ways, my favourite would have to be sewing garments though. Im a little bit of a nerd in that way, I love taking a flat piece of fabric and giving it shape and form – creating a piece for someone to treasure.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in many places – from my kids and their whacky colour combos, from beautiful fabric, from movies (yep I’m guilty of watching movies just to check out the costumes), from vintage photos and from nature.


Where can we find your work? (on & offline)

You can find my work, including the new collection ˜hidden meadow on my new website and later in the year I will be at a few local boutique markets.

Cecil & Beryl products

Lets get to know you. 

  • I’m a trained classical singer, but I prefer to listen to alternate {think Sarah Blasko} and rock.
  • I love to read to my kids¦¦¦.. sometimes I get to read on my own
  • We live on a hobby farm in rural NSW with our own menagerie. The goats are my favourite, but dont tell the chickens they might go on strike.


How did you decide on your business name?

So where did the name Cecil & Beryl come from? Beryl is a nick name given to me by my cheeky husband who likes to joke about all of my hobbies (sewing, knitting, baking, crochet,etc) he thought it would be funny to call me by an ˜old name. So not being one to be beaten I planted my tongue firmly in my cheek and came up with the name Cecil for my husband. So when thinking of a name for my creative business Cecil & Beryl was the obvious choice.  Although it all started with a joke these names do remind me that my husband and I are going to grow old together and this makes me smile.


What is your most favourite handmade item you have ever bought?

My most favourite handmade item I have ever bought¦..hmmmm hard choice, I love buying handmade, but I have to say it would be the most darling penny purses I bought on Etsy one Christmas. I ordered four custom made purses, three for nieces and one for my daughter, all made from polka dots fabrics and lace with the most beautiful hand-stitching I have seen.

Cecil & Beryl Meet the Maker

Do you listen to music or watch a movie while creating?

While sewing in my studio, sometimes I like to  listen to music to brighten the atmosphere, and if no ones around Ill be dancing and singing along. At other times I just like to chill and enjoy the quiet, we dont get much of that around here.


Any business highlights over the past 12 months?

For Cecil & Beryl the last twelve months have been amazing. I was accepted into the handmade cooperative for kids,  I’ve launched a new website and put my first full collection together. This is just the beginning for Cecil & Beryl. I’ve enjoyed all of the learning curves this year has brought, and I’m looking forward to many more.


Thanks to Cecil & Beryl our lucky readers have the chance to save 15% off their purchases this week through the Cecil & Beryl website using the code – FRIENDSOFHK 

Happy Shopping!

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