Meet the Maker -Spot of Yellow
Posted on January 25, 2014

Meet the Maker – Spot of yellow

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Meet the Maker- Spot of yellow

Today we meet the lovely Jodi from Spot of Yellow ~

Tell us about your business:

Spot of Yellow specialises in unique screen printed greeting card business – Melbourne-based, Australian-owned. My designs are clear, bold and simple with an element of cuteness or playfulness. I have a huge range of designs, that l have hand drawn and turned into screens ready for hand screen printing. l mostly print greeting cards. I felt there was a gap l could fill in the quality hand made card sections in great shops. I have a bank of retailers that stock my cards. As l am one woman show l am able to cater for my clients needs and I really enjoy a new challenge and tailoring my designs for my clients. Sometimes I am asked to design cards exclusively for that retailer. I also print on tee shirt, singlets, babies clothing and canvases.


I am highly motivated and passionate about my craft. I am self-driven and am always striving for the best I can do. I like to spend time in my home studio in Melbourne and enjoy popping into my retailers to show new designs and restock their stands. I am a graphic designer by trade and have two children 3.5 years and 21 months. Who are happily busy all day long. I enjoy rearing my children while being able to work. I am always finding inspiration everywhere I go. I love creating new, fresh designs that suit peoples special occasions. Spot of Yellow offers a unique gift-giving solution for those looking for something that is both high in quality and artistic design. All cards are printed on high quality card stock and come sealed in their own cellophane packet, complete with matching envelope.


What inspired you to start your business?

Spot of Yellow was a goal of mine to design, print and sell my own cards. I started the business when my son was 4 months old. When l left full time work to care for my children, this was the perfect time in my life to have a go. I enjoy the designing part and find l can fit it in between the kids needs. Spot of Yellow can solve all your card-buying woes with my wonderful range of hand pulled greeting cards.



Is there an interesting anecdote behind your business name?

My favourite colour is yellow – over 100 shades of yellow. Its my inspiration of life. To try and stay happy, positive and creative. My mother tells the story that when l was a young child of 3. l use to take my pink dresses off and put on my yellow dresses. Yellow has been with me for a long time now!


What is the most satisfying part of what you do?

Drawing mixed with screen printing is the perfect balance of creativeness for me. Each card is hand made with love and care. I love to draw and always have. As a child l was always drawing and encouraged to paint – it was something l really loved to do. Now l find myself encouraging my own children to draw and paint. There is space set up in the studio for them to create while l am printing. Its a great atmosphere creating together. I love the whole design process of thinking up the design, sketching it up, cleaning it up on the computer, and redrawing the image with a special pen, burning a screen and then hand pulling every design. The suspense of peeling back the screen to see the finished print. My style is distinctive with a hand drawn style showing through in all designs.


Have you tried something in business that didn’t work as planned, or on the flip side “ worked out better than expected?

I always get surprised which design will work better over another one. So l have given up trying to guess what will be a best-seller and design from the heart. My designs echo my life at present having 2 small children my designs are mostly inspired for them. So l love the thought that someone is giving a card to someone they love and it can turn into a great keepsake, that holds fast to the moment that mattered to them. Hand made cards are something special as someone has made it with their own hands and no card is exactly the same as they are all individually screen printed.



What would be your best tip for someone thinking about selling their handcrafted goods?

Follow your dreams and have a bit of fun along the way. Enjoy learning as you go. Approaching new retailers can be scary but that makes your heart beat a bit faster! Try having the attitude of œl will just give it a go – l have nothing to lose. Enjoy building your business slowly.


What is your favourite item you make?

I love getting a big card order in and making up my own production line. To get it to the retailers shelf as fast as possible.


Any personal or business highlights in the last year:

It still surprises me how well the cards are going. I am still so thrilled to have some many truly loyal retailers that have been with me along my yellow journey. There are some new retailers joining this year as well. So exciting things are happening in my yellow land. Also creating new designs gives me a real buzz as well.


 3 things about you that people might not know:

  • I love bush camping and just did my first solo camping trip with my kids while my husband renovated our bathroom last weekend!
  • I am a keen rock climber and getting back into that now. I am going to introduce my son for the first time to the rock this weekend!
  • I love riding my bike and now l enjoy carrying my daughter on the back for my bike while my son rides his own pedal bike.


 Meet the Maker – Spot of Yellow

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