Easy Household Storage Solutions
Posted on September 21, 2015

Practical storage solutions for around the home

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The Practical Home: Easy Household Storage Solutions

If you think your spaces lack adequate storage to keep all your belongings close at hand without being in the way, you may want to take a second look around. The typical home is filled top to bottom with ideal storage space that commonly goes unused, or that could be used even more efficiently. However, with a bit of creativity, any homeowner can optimise their most frequently used living spaces for storage.

Living Room

Living rooms are some of the most troublesome areas for unruly clutter, but there are a range of simple and attractive solutions available to give this frequent entertaining area a new level of functionality. Drawer chests designed specifically for living room décor have exploded in popularity in recent years, and the addition of a few floating shelves can help clear that coffee table once and for all. Another way to maximize storage space in a living room is to choose furniture with built-in storage, such as side tables and entertainment stand units.


Bedrooms offer some of the most innovative opportunities for maximizing storage, because the spaces used would usually otherwise be left vacant. The space under a bed is the most visible example of this, as a few storage bins effectively give your home another full sized chest of drawers.

Closet space can be greatly extended with the use of multiple-garment hangers, and even a few simple wall-mounted hooks can keep robes, hats, handbags and outerwear off the floor permanently. A decorative basket from Arro Home can provide clothing or childrens’ toys a convenient and attractive storage space as well.

  Arro Home decor


The kitchen is the heart of a home, so storage solutions for this space can celebrate the role of this frequent site for entertaining. Instead of taking up precious cabinet space with everyday ingredients such as sugar, flour, rice, nuts or beans, they can be placed in glass jars in plain view and easy reach. Knives and other basic cooking utensils can also be mounted on a magnetic display to free up a drawer or two.


The ideal bath presents a spa-like escape from the pressures of the world, but strewn linens and care products in disarray can detract from the atmosphere it can create. A few fun ceramic cups can go a long way in corralling toothpaste tubes or shaving implements, and a suction-based shower organizer can give soap and shampoo a consistent home.

Eliminating clutter not only promotes organization and gives you more effective storage space, but makes your home a more inviting place to live overall. When it comes to most modern homes, the number of potential storage solutions is limited only by the homeowner’s ingenuity.

Beautiful fabric baskets from Arro Home

Beautiful fabric baskets from Arro Home

Practical storage solutions for around the home

Thanks to Arro Home for these great practical home storage ideas.

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