Posted on September 23, 2012

Review: AromaDoh

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AromaDoh is a play-doh with essential oils. AromaDoh is a family owned and operated business based in Perth. AromaDoh is unique because they do not have all the artificials and chemicals that œmade-in-china products use, instead, AromaDoh use all natural ingredients including 100% pure essential oils and coconut oil.

“The essential oils will assist in Mood-Balancing for kids “ our Lavender doh, calms the kids down, while our Orange, Lemon and Lime, gives kids an invigorating energy smell”

I was recently given some samples to try and I have to say that I am really impressed. AromaDoh not only smells heavenly but they are so soft and moisturising.


The kids were mesmerised by all the different smells and the soft texture, making it really easy for them to mould and shape. There was also no fighting over the doh. They had so much fun passing the different doh’s back and forth smelling each one and guessing the different smells. Not only are they great for imaginative play, they are an awesome sensory tool.

AromaDoh founder, Liesl has a son who has Autism and out of the need to have a toy that could entertain as well as have therapeutic qualities, she “invented” Aromadoh.

“The doh has proved such a hit that I have started manufacturing full-time, to the same incredible recipe we still use today.  We have started selling to learning institutions, education colleges, occupational-therapists, physiotherapists etc”

For more details head to the AromaDoh Facebook page or shop online at

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