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Posted on September 19, 2015

Review – handmade Sun Bonnets

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How adorable is this Sun Bonnet from The Toffee Tree!  Reversible, adjustable and handmade- does it get any cuter?

Sun Bonnet Review at Handmade Kids

Sun Bonnet Review at Handmade Kids

Michelle at The Toffee Tree makes a beautiful range of kids Sun Bonnets, skirts, shorts, dresses, belts, capes and more. All handmade in Perth, Western Australia.

Her Sun Bonnets are available in two sizes 3-24 months and 2-4 years. They are fully reversible with perfectly hidden stitching, adjustable with a tie under the chin, and provide the perfect amount of shade coverage with a stiffened brim and all made with lovely soft breathable cotton fabrics.

Sun Bonnet Review at Handmade Kids 3

Sun Bonnet Review at Handmade Kids

Our verdict – a big thumbs up! Easy to put on your little one, comfy to wear and a double bonus being reversible – goes with twice as many outfits!

A big thank you to our new Handmade Kids Product Tester Rep for such great photos of the Sun Bonnet in action. Pop by and visit Michelle on Instragram – @LittleBrushBlue. See her beautiful collection  of Shabby-chic, vintage, home décor, DIY and high tea.

“The Toffee Tree, a world of tumble-fun and playful stitchery where daring girls and dashing boys can have fun with a little bit of handmade awesome. Lush vintage sunbonnets and Little Red Capes from the classic storytales, handmade children’s clothing.”

Review – handmade Sun Bonnets by The Toffee Tree

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