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Posted on October 26, 2015

Review – Jessica’s Lactation Cookies

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Are you a breastfeeding or pumping mummy? Looking to boost your milk supply? Have you discovered Jessica’s Lactation Mixes yet?

Stocking a wide range of goodies to help boost milk supply – from cookie mixes, brownie mixes, lactation bites, to mummy shakes.

We were lucky enough to trial both the Cookie Mix and Chocolate Brownie Mix – both were so easy to prepare and tasty to boot!

Lactation Cookie Mix:

Jessica's Lactation Cookie Mix

Jessica's Lactation Cookie Mix

Lactation Cookie Mix

Cookie Mix ready to bake

Lactation Cookie Mix


Double Chocolate Lactation Brownie Mix:

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

“Wanting to increase or maintain your breast milk supply?

Worried your baby isn’t getting enough breast milk?

Feeling drained & empty by the end of the day?

Baby going through a growth spurt?

Stressed, tired & short of time?

Our lactation mixes may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Jessica’s lactation mixes are a delicious and easy make at home option. With a one step process our lactation snacks so easy to make or bake when you need extra breast milk support. Our lactation mixes have a long shelf life so mums can bake fresh lactation cookies at home when needed.”

Jessica's Lactation Mixes

Visit their website – HERE

Visit them on Facebook – HERE


Thank you to our amazing Product Review Rep for the gorgeous photography – Michelle from Little Brush Blue

Review – Jessica’s Lactation Cookies


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