Posted on May 2, 2012

Review: Katie Rose Designs


Katie Rose Designs creates gorgeous personalised wooden keepsake boxes and name plaques. All boxes and plaques are Australian made and lovingly customised to suit all occasions.  Katie Rose Designs keepsakes boxes are a perfect way to safely store all your precious keepsakes – from a newborn, christening, wedding, milestone birthday or bereavement. A variety of motifs available for both boxes and plaques to add a personal touch.

Its not everyday that I get the chance to do a product review, so when a little package arrives, the anticipation of opening it always gives me butterflies. You just never know what is going to be inside that package.

This week I was thrilled to open a sweet package from Katie Rose Designs. Inside was a gorgeous personalised plaque for my daughter.
You should have seen the look on my daughters eyes when she saw it. PRICELESS!
She loves owls so this plaque was perfect for her bedroom, taking pride of place on her door. “This is my room and now everyone knows it”

You can see the craftsmanship that goes into each and every Katie Rose Design. Each plaque is carefully cut, including all the letters and motifs and hand painted in gorgeous glossy paints. The plaque even came with removable adhesive stripes for hanging. These removable strips are perfect for those that maybe renting or who do not like to use hooks.
The plaques are also very generous in size, this one measuring  almost 30cm in length.

So as you can tell, I had one very excited little girl and I was a very happy mum. I can definitely recommend Katie Rose Designs.

You can find them online at or at 

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