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Posted on July 23, 2012

Review: UpDownSideKids

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When I heard the name, I was instantly intrigued. œIts up the right way for you to see while wearing me! What a fantastic and unique concept. I cannot tell you how many times I have had my little ones ask whats the picture of, or why is it the wrong way or its upside down.

“UpDownSideKids has been a dream for over 20 years I love the name UpDownSideKids! When my son Hayden was two years old, he would see something upside down and say… “look mummy it’s UPDOWN SIDE”! It was just too cute, I never corrected him and the name stuck.

May- the brains, owner and designer of UpDownSideKids

UpDownSideKids is for a child focused world – bringing kids clothing back to the basics. They are handmade with love on the South Coast NSW, one by one – for kids to wear and enjoy.

So when May contacted me with the offer of gifting me some UpDownSideKids products to road test, I could not refuse.

UpDownSideKids tees are not only adorned with funky bright designs which catch every childs imagination, they are also extremely comfortable. Made from 100% cotton, UpDownSide tees are so soft and durable. There are no itchy scratchy prints on these tees, all smooth and comfy. Even the embellishments are soft, causing no irritation. Each stitched securely in place. All seams have also been double stitched for durability.

Within our package were also some UpDownSideKids accessories, a felt beret, bracelets and hair accessories.

My heart melted when I saw the felt beret. It was STUNNING! Made from 100% wool felt and oh so soft and warm. Adorned with a gorgeous contrasting crochet appliqué and felt flower, perfect for your mademoiselle.

My daughters eyes glowed when she saw these fantastic UpDownSideKids bracelets. These are like none other that I have seen. So bright! The beads have a crackly look to them but are smooth and light, perfect for little hands. Each with a silver tone charm attached.
Miss A has not taken these off, she tells me that they are œthe coolest ever. Big call, and I agree. They are pretty cool.

Lastly, beautiful hair accessories.  A dusty pink soft tulle bow and silver bird slides. So simple and keeping with the UpDownSideKids philosophy of being unique. With so many hair accessories available, I have yet to see a tulle bow like this. The tulle is the soft delicate tulle, not the itchy scratchy nasty stuff, and the sliver birds, well, I’m claiming them for my own.

UpDownSideKids are a great handmade brand that I totally recommend 100%. The quality is fantastic and you can see the pride May takes in her products right down to the packaging. I really look forward to following the UpDownSideKids journey and seeing their range develop and grow.

For more information, head to the UpDownSideKids website  or Facebook page to keep up to date with all things UpDownSideKids.


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Review: UpDownSideKids

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