Posted on July 26, 2011

Roll up, Roll up!

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One of the things I remember as kid was the circus. It didn’t often come to town but when it did, we always tried to get down there to see it.

I remember walking into the big top and I was instantly transported to this insanley fun place. The smell of popcorn and animal poop meshed together; a smell that I can still imagine, but it didn’t matter it was still fun.

Trapeze, acrobats, the ring master, clowns and best of all the elephants. I was always fascinated by them, not sure if it was the huge size of them to a little girl or it was the way they could use their trunk, it was like an arm and a hand, amazing. I will admit the clowns used to freak me out a bit, it was that big red fake smile, it used send a shiver down my spine, but it was all forgotten by the time we got to the carousel.

The gorgeous horses, all the pretty details on their saddles, long beautiful manes. I could go round and round and round all day on the carousel. The music was just so relaxing, I always felt sleepy on the carousel, the combination of the music and the motion always made me really tired. It was always the last thing we did before leaving and as soon as we got to the car, I was out of it.

Too much excitement and fantasy for this little girl all in one day.

Circus Nursery Mobile ~ Lilliput Loft

Happy Rainbow Clown ~ Bippy Fizz Treehouse

Circus Personalised Cushion ~ Tiges and Weince

The Circus is in Town ~ Lou and Boo

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