Posted on April 14, 2012

Would LOVE your vote….

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Yesterday evening I received an email from the Sydney Writers Centre saying that I had been nominated for The Best Australian Blogs 2012 People’s Choice Awards. To say I was surprised was an understatement; I mean my little blog on handmade items for kids in Australia was nominated and is up against the BIG guys in the blogging world.


So I guess this is me, clearing my throat, asking, praying and wishing that you would take the time to vote for Handmade Kids. The vote wouldn’t just be for me, it would be for all the businesses that each month put their hands up and sponsor HMK, without these guys, this website would not be possible. This is great exposure for HMK and all the guest posters and sponsors with us, in the big wide world of bloggers.

If HMK wins, I win $1000 worth of courses from the Sydney Writers Centre. I would not just be winning this for me. If I was to win, I would try to put all that I have learnt out there for other businesses that aspire to have a great blog parallel to their business. I would share all that I have learnt. After all, the handmade community in Australia is fantastic and we all love to share our knowledge for the good of others.

Voting opened last night and is open till Thursday 10 May at 10.00 am. So if you would like to vote, all you need to do is click the button on our sidebar below our sponsors or click this button here.
All blogs are listed alphabetically, so you would find HMK on page 2.

People's Choice Award


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to all that read this and take the time to vote for Handmade Kids.

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