Posted on October 18, 2009

Edan Rose


Moving right along, our next Clever People Challenge is from Edan RoseEdan Rose MadeIt Store is home to those very snuggly and cute looking Womb’s with a View.  I love these baby cocoons, and as I was lucky enough to win one in a competition can say with confidence they are fabulously soft and sweet.

Such a cute and funky set this one created by Edan Rose is.  Be gone soft pastels colours and hello sweet and colourful.  These bloomers are so cool.  The mix of fabrics is delightful and with the singlet with ribbon and button detailing, I think this would be an extra special summer outfit.

Team it up with a mini taggy blanket and you have one cool kid this summer.

Photographs by Sara from Sara One Day Blogspot.

We do have one more to feature, but as yet it has not arrived, so I hope I can bring it to you as soon.  And then…………….. it is time for the Clever People Challenge giveaway where you can win all these goodies!

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