Posted on November 11, 2014

Pitchi: the new creative way to sell online

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Showcase on Pitchi

Have you ever seen a beautiful handmade product and wondered ‘how it was created’ or ‘how did that designer come up with such a clever product idea’.

Or on the other hand as an artist or a designer have you ever wanted to ‘show case’ your creative process and take potential customers on a journey behind the scenes of your business.

Well we just discovered the perfect platform for you to take your buying & selling experience on that journey-  introducing Pitchi.


Pitchi is the world’s first digital video selling platform. Sell in a new dynamic & creative way.


Instead of using the normal format – a product listing with a creative description and beautiful product images, Pitchi uses video to showcase your product. Each listing is a short video up to to 60 seconds- imagine how creative you could be!

Beyond showing your finished product, imagine taking your customers on the journey of the creation of your item. Show them your  creative process; the details and care taken to create that product, make them love and appreciate it even more. Make it personal and creativity, build a connection with your customer on a whole different level.

Imagine watching a glass blower in action, then seeing the finished product to purchase; or someone weaving up a Macramé plant holder ready to sell. The list goes on and on- jewellery making, sewing a quilt, painting a picture, knitting a scarf, to sewing children’s clothing.

Be as creative as you want to be-  video your creation process,  showcase your finished product, add  some inspiring music and you are ready to ‘pitch’ your product on Pitchi.


Here’s a few clever videos we discovered while poking around Pitchi

Wooden Bow Ties

Handmade – Carved Wooden Bow Ties


Handmade Telephone earrings

Handmade Telephone earrings


Hanbi Magic Jacket

Kids Hanbi Magic Jacket


Handmade Earrings

Handmade Earrings


What did you think of these creative videos? Did you feel engaged with the sellers and their products?

Do you sell on ? Leave your links below in the comments so we can go for exploring.


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