Posted on March 3, 2013

5 Unique Weekend Activities For Your Crafty Kids

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Art and craft for children is often looked at as just having fun but children can learn a lot through this informal activity. Not only can it aid learning in other key areas like maths, language and science but it can also improve a childs fine motor skills. Children love to experiment and we have 5 activities that will help them achieve this.


1. Make a Mexican Pinata

When kids think of a Pinata they think lollies galore, so this activity is sure to keep their interests high. You can also give them a history lesson on how the Piñata came to be and that it was originally filled with fruit and nuts not as exciting as the ones we see at our birthday parties today! For your basic piñata, start with a balloon, some newspaper strips, flour glue and paint for decorating. Once dry, cut a small hole in the top, fill it with lollies and hit away!


2. Write a Story Book and Illustrate It

If the children are still to young to write, ask them to tell you the story so you can write it for them and they can illustrate each page accordingly. They can even illustrate their story through collage rather than traditional methods. This activity allows children to explore their imagination and extend their creative writing skills. It also makes a great keepsake for later years.

3. Easter Egg Tree

With Easter just around the corner, its a great time to get cracking on those egg designs. All you will need is some eggshells with the yolks removed, acrylic paints, glue, ribbon and anything else you would like to decorate your eggs with. A few branches from the garden and a nice vase to pop them into will act as your tree. Once the kids have finished decorating their eggs, glue a ribbon tie to it and hang it on the branches for an Easter Egg tree just in time for the Easter Bunnys visit.

Easter Tree at Hobby Craft


4. Designer T shirts

This is an activity kids of all ages will love to do. All you need to make your own t shirt is: a plain t shirt of your colour choice and some fabric paints and textas that wont come off in the next wash. You could even try some iron on badges and embellishments for extra bling. Buttons and ribbons will also add some extra flair and the kids will love showing off their own fashion design skills to their friends.


5. Watercolour Bubble Art

Once finished, you will want to frame this! Watercolours, bubble solution, bubble wand and some water colour paper. Mix the solution with a small amount of watercolour and then the kids blow bubbles to their hearts content all over the paper. What could be simpler!!


Children learn when they are interested in what is being taught and through craft they can learn everything from the alphabet to visual conception. Just remember to allow enough time and space to complete the activity and dont make it too complex, kids are only kids once and you want them to enjoy their younger years.



Sponsored Guest Post written by Marney Atkins-Smith

5 Unique Weekend Activities For your Crafty Kids

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