Posted on July 20, 2013

Meet the Maker ~ Inkibabinki

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Tell us about your business:

 Inkibabinki is a handmade clothing line that is all about designing something fun, unique and beautiful for little ones.

The aim of Inkibabinki is to inspire creativity and imagination in the childs formative years and be comfortable for the little one to wear and flexible in the circumstance in which the clothing might be worn.


What inspired you to start your business?

It is all started with the birth of my daughter. I wanted to make a Christmas dress for her…then I made another outfit, and another one….and I have found it to be a wonderful way to express creativity now that my career as an Interior Architect is on hold.


Is there an interesting anecdote behind your business name?

It is actually one of ‘the many’ nicknames we have for our daughter.



What is the most satisfying part of what you do?

I love the reaction my daughter has when she wears for the first time, something that I just made. I also like receiving positive feedback from customers and/or strangers on the street.

Have you tried something in business that didnt work as planned, or on the flip side “ worked out better than expected?

I used to work based on 100% inspiration without considering pricing, postage, etc… I made really cute accessories but I couldnt sell them because the price increased quite significantly due to postage cost being high relative to the cost of the product. Now, before I make something, I would ask myself œcould that fit in a regular envelope? If not, how much do I want to sell it?


What would be your best tip for someone thinking about selling their handcrafted goods?

Before you make something to sell, consider the final price (include material, overhead, your design and time to make it), postage (size and weight). Do your research to understand the market before committing too much time and cost on developing a product.



What is your favourite item you make?

I love everything I make. But if I have to pick, my current favourite is my ˜Red Riding Hood range- coat cape and hooded scarf.


Any personal or business highlights in the last year:

Given my business only just opened for business this year, the highlight has to be setting up the online business (there is A LOT involved behind the scenes to do this…. )


3 things about you that people might not know:

I am freelance Interior Architect.

My favourite colour is black.

I have lived in 7 cities and 4 countries.



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